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4th of July is Here

NJ is set to celebrate the 4th of July! Summer is in full swing in NJ and as you get together with friends and family, sit back for a minute and take the time to look at your outdoor patio furniture, and contemplate what it really means to you.  Do you care about it? ...

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Summer in Full Effect in New Jersey

Are you enjoying the summer, New Jersey?  Those cold days of winter are a distant memory.  But keep in mind, it's never too early to prepare for the next blast of cold air. NJ Shrink Wrapping is your source for commercial and residential shrink wrapping in New Jersey....

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Maintaining Your Outdoor Furniture

NJ Shrink Wrapping specializes in outdoor and rooftop furniture wrapping in New Jersey. We are always looking for interesting content that details the benefits of furniture care, protection, covering, and more.  Below is an interesting article that details how weather...

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Benefits of Shrink Wrapping Your Boat

NJ Shrink Wrapping provides boat shrink wrapping in New Jersey It's important to keep the investment of your boat in the best possible condition.  During the winter months, when storms, snow, sleet, and rain are all prevalent, keeping your boat protected is hugely...

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