The owners of NJ Shrink Wrapping worked in the  shrink wrap industry for years before launching their own business. Frustrated with companies that delivered poor-quality service without the client’s best interest in mind, they knew homeowners and business owners deserved better. So, in 2008, they launched NJ Shrink Wrapping and have been providing exceptional service ever since.

Residential homeowners and commercial businesses throughout the New Jersey area call on our team of trained professionals for reliable, efficient, and high-quality shrink wrapping. That’s why you found us if you searched “shrink wrap service near me,” — and it’s why word-of-mouth is one of our best sources of new business.

From shrink wrapping outdoor furniture to managing governmental storage and shipping projects, we use only the highest-quality products and modern equipment to ensure that all types of investments remain protected from the elements.

Our Areas of Service

NJ Shrink Wrapping provides services in Manalapan, Marlboro, Freehold, Howell, Middletown, and Jackson. Also serving all other areas of NJ. We’re now shrink wrapping outdoor furniture on Staten Island.

What You Can Expect


Considered one of the most durable packaging options, our shrink wrap plastic film is a high-quality material that’s not easily damaged. This makes it a great option for protecting products during transport, especially at long distances.


When dealing with items of unusual shape, size, or design, it can be challenging to achieve the right level of protection. Shrink wrap packaging works on almost any item, holding it securely in place and providing a protective shield from dirt, moisture, and other damaging elements.


Compared to corrugated products, shrink wrapping outdoor furniture and other products uses 75% less packaging material. Shrink-wrapped products also require less space in warehouses, factories, transportation trailers, vans, and containers, saving both money and resources.