shrink-wrapping-military-governmentWhen you need the expertise to meet your industrial shrink wrap needs, you need NJ Shrink Wrapping. Our team of shrink wrap contractors is laser-focused on safety, understanding the unique needs of every situation and keeping your best interest top of mind.

NJ Shrink Wrapping Company employees all have clear backgrounds, prior government background checks, and deep knowledge of  the security requirements necessary to access our secure facilities on a regular basis.

Comprehensive Shrink Wrap Services for Industrial Needs

No matter what the size of the item, where it’s located, or where it needs to go, our shrink wrap services are here to protect it. Our services include:

Government & Military
From US Armed Forces branches to private companies affiliated with the military and Department of Defense (DOD) contractors, NJ Shrink Wrapping has extensive experience installing quality shrink wrap covers. You can count on our wraps to completely conceal your products and protect them from debris and weather during long-term storage or transport.

Large Transportation
Our industrial shrink wrap contractors are often tasked by many different industries to protect some of their largest investments or products during transport. Our wraps prevent the harsh weather conditions that transport or shipping loads come in contact with from severely damaging or destroying the items they cover.

Emergency & Storm
We have perfected a process for emergencies that enables a structure to be partially or completely protected from weather elements, and enables temporary reinstatement of humidity controls until permanent repairs can be made. Whether you’re dealing with FEMA hospital beds or temporary care centers, our experts have the expertise and compassion to help.

Moving, Shipping, Storing
Our shrink wrap services maintain product appearance, reduce packaging costs and waste, and increase operational efficiencies for your moving, shipping, and storing needs. We have experience with a wide range of markets including foods, sporting goods, electronics, cosmetics, medical, and more

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With thousands of industrial shrink wrapping projects under our belt, you can count on NJ Shrink Wrapping for timely, reliable, and quality-driven service every time. Contact us today for a consultation.