If you are preparing for a cold and long winter, you also want to protect your outdoor kitchen area—particularly your outdoor kitchen appliances, bars, bar stools, tables, chairs, and other large-scale outdoor kitchen components.

With our custom shrink wrapping, you can avoid wear and tear due to outdoor elements like extremely low or high temperatures, moisture, rain, and other harmful elements that could damage your outdoor kitchen quicker than its given lifespan.

Why do I need custom shrink wrapping in NJ?

Custom shrink wrapping in your outdoor kitchen area is not just for protection against extreme weather conditions. But it can also protect your assets from wild animals and other unexpected elements.

Outdoor kitchen furniture and appliances, such as grills, outdoor stoves, outdoor firepits, tables, chairs, etc., come in different shapes and sizes. NJ Shrinkwrapping can wrap it all to protect them from outdoor elements.

The best residential shrink wrap company near me

The best way to protect your outdoor kitchen is to search the “best shrink wrap company near me!”

If you live in New Jersey, there is only one choice you can trust—NJ Shrink Wrapping. With many years of experience in the business and with a team of professionals—You can only expect the best results and the best amount of protection for your outdoor kitchen, backyard or patio areas with NJ Shrink Wrapping!

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What to expect with our custom shrink wrapping service?

We offer:

  • Industrial-grade and flame-retardant polyethylene shrink wrap used to protect outdoor furniture and kitchen appliances from the most common destructive elements
  • Professional installation by seasoned and experienced technicians
  • Peace of mind by making sure your investments are well protected against most outdoor elements

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