Liquid Deicing

NJ Shrink Wrapping provides liquid deicing in NJ

Liquid Anti-Snow/De-Icer is designed to work effectively in temperatures as low as -20°F. It features an environmentally friendly, non-toxic formula.

  • All-natural, non-toxic formula
  • Designed to be effective at temperatures as low as -20°F
  • Suitable for use around plants and pets
  • Biodegradable and water soluble for environmental safety
  • Helps stop 1 – 2 in. of snow accumulation, if used in advance on a bare surface
  • Helps prevent snow and ice from bonding to surfaces for up to 10 days
  • Prevents snow and ice from bonding to surface for up to 10 days

Advantages of Liquid Deicer Products

Quick Start Melting

Liquid deicer since it is already in liquid form and will start melting ice immediately on contact.

No Residue

One of the primary problems consumers report with regards to the use of solid deicers is that they can leave an oily or powdery residue that is relatively difficult to clean. Liquid deicer products generally do not leave any residue. If there is any residue left, it usually acts as an anti-icing agent.


Liquid deicers are non-corrosive and are produced with non-toxic ingredients. they can be used generously without the possibility of negative effects on any nearby vegetation. Since they are produced with corrosion inhibitors, they are also preferred by environmentalists

Uses of Liquid Deicer:

There are three beneficial ways in which you can use a liquid deicer. They are as follows:

  • Prevention (Anti-Icing)—you can apply a liquid deicer before snowfall to prevent the formation of ice and snow mounds.
  • Deicing after Snowfall—you can use liquid deicers as your sole ice and snow melting solution.

This is the same de-icing treatment used by municipalities and state departments of transportation to thwart the accumulation of snow and ice.

Used as a pre-treatment when anticipating inclement winter weather,  helps to keep snow and ice from sticking to walkways, driveways, and porches up to two weeks, providing easier removal with less scraping. It can also be applied when snow starts to fall to help limit accumulation to only 2″. . The water-soluble, biodegradable solution will not stain surfaces, nor harm pets or plants.

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